A. Ray Olpin Student Union

The University of Utah

A photo of the Union in fall.

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  • All Roads Lead to the Union: Newsletter

    What Roads Lead to the Union?

    The Union is the community center of campus and as such all roads of college life lead to the Union...

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    Union Programming Council Updates 9/2017

    Learn more about the Union Programming Council's start of the school year and upcoming events...

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    What the Union Means to Me

    Meet one of the Union's Student Employees and recent Scholarship recipients; Krystal Bustamante...

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    The Welcome U Experience

    Come learn about the Center of New Student and Family Programs and all the activities they achieve this summer...

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    The Union Programming Council Continues to Grow

    A look back at the growth of UPC during '15-'16...

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    A Student Leader Scholar: Continuation of Success

    A story about Amr Mohamed, one of the Union's Student Leader Scholarship recipients...

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    Fulfilling a Growing Need: New CESA Lounge

    Addressing a large need, the Union helped create a new student space...

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    Food Pantry Moves to the Union

    A fantastic service for students moves to the Union...

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