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    Farewell Cat Miller

    Cat Miller

    Goodbyes are always hard, it’s even more difficult when it comes to exceptional individuals. After years of service to the Union Recreation Desk, Cat (Catherine) Miller will be moving onto bigger things! Cat’s commitment and leadership while serving at the Union Recreation Desk has been invaluable. As we only have a few more short weeks with Cat, we want to share our appreciation for her commitment and dedication to the Union.

    Cat joined the Union Family in October 2015 as a freshman working at the Union Recreation Desk. She worked for three years as a Recreation Desk employee before becoming a Recreation Desk Manager. Cat’s older sister worked at the Union Recreation Desk before her, and seeing the closeness of the Union Recreation Desk crew influenced Cat to become part of the Union Family. More than anything, Cat was looking for a community, and she found it working at the Union.

    As a Recreation Desk Manager for the past two years, Cat’s goal has been to encourage more students to socialize and recreate at the Union. To achieve her goal, Cat collaborated with the Union Programming Council and expanded bowling events. Through these efforts, Cat has loved spreading the word to students about the Union and seeing increased student activity at the Union Recreation.

    With graduation around the corner, Cat recalls truly loving her college experience. Cat played club swimming for a year, and she played water polo for three seasons. Having opportunities to represent the University of Utah has provided her with enormous school pride. Cat liked her Psychology program and her amazing professors. Her professors have always been understanding and willing to work with her tight schedule as a double major. Being passionate about the environment and conservation, Cat volunteered her remaining time at the Loveland Aquarium, REI CO-OP, and doing conservation work at the Jordan River.

    Cat is double majoring in Psychology at the University of Utah and Zoology at Weber State University. After graduation this Spring 2021, Cat plans to work either with the National Park Services or work at a zoo. Born and raised in Utah, Cat hopes to find jobs out of state to gain more life and travel experiences.

    Branden Dalley, who has worked closely with Cat over the years, had this to say about Cat and her time at the Union:

    “Catherine Miller cares deeply about the success of her employees and the Union Recreation Center. Her team that she assembled will remember her for years for always supporting them and getting the very best out of them at all times. During such a difficult time, she remained steadfast and always put her employees above herself and all else. The Recreation Center carries her mark and we will miss her greatly as she advances in her career and beyond. Best of luck to Cat.”

    To echo Branden, the Union Family wishes you farewell and all the best, Cat! Your presence will be greatly missed. We are grateful to have worked with you and to be in community with you. Thanks to your service and leadership at the Recreation Desk, the Union will benefit from your accomplishments for years to come. Thank you!

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