A. Ray Olpin University Union

The University of Utah

A photo of the student lounge fireplace while the fire is lit.

Student Lounge

Student LoungeWhen the Union opened its doors in January of 1957, one of the central features of the building was a spacious Student Lounge, complete with a giant fireplace, comfortable furniture, a quiet place to study or relax, and a listening room. Ten or so years later, the building needed more space and the student lounge was partitioned off to make room for the Women’s Resource Center.

Now after nearly 4 decades, the Student Lounge is back! The Women’s Resource Center has moved to a great new office on the fourth floor, and the space has been restored as the new Crimson Student Lounge.

This time around instead of a listening room with LP’s the lounge features a new Union Art Gallery, where students can enjoy rotating exhibits of student and community art.

Another exciting feature is a large screen TV with satellite service for over 100 international broadcast stations so international students can get news from their native countries in their native languages and students studying a foreign language can hear news broadcasts in the language they’re studying.

As in the old lounge, the new Crimson Student Lounge provides study areas and a place to relax and unwind. With the fireplace back, what could be homier?