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Ballroom Flags

The University of Utah, Union displays flags in the ballroom corridor, which represent countries from which the University of Utah has student representation. The following form is for submitting requests to display a country’s flag.

Once we receive a request, we work with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office to confirm we have student representation from the requested country and that we are displaying the correct flag.

If ISSS cannot confirm that the requested flag represents a recognized country by the United States, then the Union Board will vote on the decision to display the flag. The student requesting the flag will have the option to submit to the Union Board reasoning why the flag should be displayed before making a decision.

The student can present their case via in-person, recording, and/or writing. Once the Union Board has had time to hear the reasoning and discuss the implications, they will vote on displaying the flag in the following board meeting.

The student submitting the request can attend the Union Board to submit their case if they would like, but they will not be present when the vote is made. If the student requesting the flag is also a voting member of the Union Board, they will be excused during the vote. This process can take up to 8 weeks from the requested date.

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