A. Ray Olpin University Union

The University of Utah

A photo of the rows of computers in the computer lab.

Computer Lab

There Union has one of the largest computer labs on campus located in the basement below the food court!

The Union computer lab is an extension of the Marriott Library Student Computing Labs and provides easy access to 92 PCs, 34 Macs, 2 ADA computers, 4 scanners, 2 black and white printers, and a color printer. A wide variety of software is available to support most student needs.

Wireless network access is available in and around the lab via 802.1x authentication or unencrypted access.

For questions, please visit scl.utah.edu or call the lab directly at 801.581.8988

The Computer Lab is located on the basement level of the A. Ray Olpin Union building.
Computer Lab