A. Ray Olpin University Union

The University of Utah

Meet the Team

Each of our UPC Boards is staffed with a team of 1-4 Associate Directors. Our Associate Directors work with their Directors and each other to accomplish all of the goals and events set forth by their board, UPC, and the Union.

Crimson Nights Board

Clista Galecki

Marcela Morales

Sadie Ortiz

Sally Tran

Marketing Board

Maria Crago

Luke Ford

Tracey Mai

Tammie Tan

Community Service Board

Matt Chambers

Alyssa Henrie

Shilpi Kharidia

Freshman Ambassador Board

Alex Fierro

Adryenne Huo

Sven Karabegovic

Development Board

Brian Johanssen

Jackie Morales

Carly Torres

Feed U Pantry Board

Ben Chenot

Zola Russo

Emily Zhang

Arts & Special Events Board

HaeIn Jeon

Miles Gage

Kyra Nidds

Executive Assistant

Rebecca Hoyt