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A photo of the Union Services Desk.

Posting Flyers

The Basics

Flyer Posting Process

  1. Email (or dropoff) an example of your flyer or poster to the Union Services Desk
  2. Please allow 2 -3 business days for a flyer or poster review. (Review may take longer based on staffing or holiday schedules.) 
    • Call the Services Desk at 801-581-5888 to confirm the posting has been reviewed.
    • The Dean of Students Office may require edits, or deny postings.
  3. After review, flyers must get a visible expiration date timestamp from the Union Services Desk on each posting. A date after which the sign, notice or poster may be removed.
    • Flyers that were dropped off instead of emailed must be picked up within five business days after their review. After five business days, flyers will be recycled.
  4. Time-stamped postings are ready to be posted on campus
    • Postings must be put up by the organization requesting the posting, the Union staff does not post flyers across campus.

University Policy 1-007

Read the full University of Utah’s Speech Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a member of the University Community?

Members of the University Community shall include all currently enrolled students, members of the University faculty and teaching staff, all employees holding administrative or staff positions, and vendors and their employees who have an ongoing physical presence on the campus.

Who can be an author or sponsor?

An author may be the currently enrolled student, faculty/teaching staff, or employee holding an administrative or staff position with the University.

A sponsor must be a University Department or Unit, School or College within the University, or Sponsored, Affiliated, or Registered Student Organization as recognized by ASUU.

What are University of Utah trademarks?

The Licensing Department oversees the use of all the logos and trademarks for the University. View and learn more about current trademarks.

Who approves a posting’s content?

The Dean of Student’s office may review postings to ensure their subject matter is speech protected by the First Amendment. A posting that has been approved to be posted on campus does not indicate that the University, the Union, or its staff support the views expressed in the content of postings.