A. Ray Olpin University Union

The University of Utah

Event Planning Guide

The Union Events & Scheduling staff is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours and on weekends, a Union Student Manager is always on duty to assist you. Please call the Union Event Coordinators for assistance with all events and to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 801-581-7251 or email us.


Following state and local guidelines, Union Events and Scheduling can schedule meetings in the Union.


Determine the date, time of day, and optional dates for your event.

Type of event: meeting, conference, reception, speaker, luncheon, etc.

How many participants or attendees are expected?

Budget for your event. There are many free smaller meeting rooms for students, student organizations, and staff in the Union. Rates are listed on the rooms and rates page or feel free to call us for assistance.

Type of room or setup; board room, round tables, auditorium style, etc. If not familiar with the rooms, setup options, or room capacities in the Union please refer to the rooms and rates page for pictures and detailed descriptions.


Free banner space and sign holders are available in the Union. Groups can reserve an information table free of charge located either outside on the Patio Walkway or inside by Billiards. Please contact Union Events & Scheduling or refer to our facilities use procedures for more detailed information.


Parking is never free in the visitor lots on campus except for Saturdays and Sundays unless there’s a football game (on a Saturday), then there’s a charge. Campus departments may purchase coupon code validations from Commuter Services.

Coupon Code Order Form

If you’re planning an evening event on a weekday it’s best to start the event at 6:30 pm or later. For certain events, we can arrange for the lots surrounding the Union, except for the visitor lot, to be free after 6 pm. Without coordinating with the Union, there is no free parking on campus before 8 pm on a weekday and visitors must park in the visitor lots.


Security personnel may be required for certain events such as concerts, dances and large gatherings. The need for security is determined by the Union Director and Campus Police. Please contact Union Events & Scheduling for more information.

AUDIO & VISUAL equipment

Most meeting rooms in the Union are equipped with built-in data projectors. If not, there are several portable data projectors available free of charge. Union Managers assist with adapters and connections. For more detailed information please call our office or refer to our equipment and services page.


Please contact Union Events & Scheduling, 801-581-7251 for details or refer to the equipment and services page.


Most of our rooms have access to the “Union” wireless network. To connect to the “Union” network please ask the Union Event Coordinators for the login information when making a reservation. If you are not in an area of the building with access to the “Union” wireless network you can connect to the “UGuest” network. For more information on connecting to the “UGuest” network please download the “UGuest” Guide.

Food and Beverage Service

Meals and refreshments served in the Union must be ordered through the University of Utah Catering and Dining Services.

Dining Services can be reached at 801-581-7256 or on their website at dineoncampus.com/utah.

Equipment and Setup

Room setups are coordinated through the Events & Scheduling Department. Within the limits explained on the rooms and rates page, the use of equipment and furnishings is without charge. Additional equipment rented from third-party suppliers and sub-contracted personnel charges will be billed to the reserving group. Free Wi-fi is available throughout the building.

Decorations, Signs, and Banners

Discuss ideas with the Events & Scheduling staff as additional cleaning costs may be charged. Decorations and banners must be removed immediately following an event. The Union is not responsible for the loss of any materials left in the building.

Solicitations and Information Tables

Advertising tables are placed in designated areas. A specific guideline detailing the Union’s solicitation procedure is available in our facilities use procedures.

Event Security

The Union reserves the right to require security personnel to be present for events in the Union. When required, the Events & Scheduling Department will arrange officers through University Public Safety. All charges are billed to the sponsoring group as part of the event cost.

Extended Building Hours

Approval is subject to staff availability and additional fees and operating costs will be charged to the group making the request.


University organizations and departments with the ability to pay with a campus order will be invoiced and are expected to pay upon receipt of the invoice. All other groups, individuals, and non-university organizations must pay in advance of the event. Groups that default on payment will pay for future services in advance of the event.

No Show and Cancellations

There is a CANCELLATION POLICY for the Union on holds, agreement pending or confirmed meetings/events. The ballrooms have a 90 day cancellation fee, other rooms in the Union have a 30 day cancellation fee. Failure to cancel a room reservation may result in the loss of scheduling privileges.

Union Policies

Consumption of alcohol, gambling (including raffles and lotteries), and smoking in University facilities are not permitted on the University of Utah campus. All events in the Union must adhere to these policies. The Union is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property belonging to users of the facilities. In some instances, proof of liability insurance is necessary for groups using the Union. The University of Utah seeks to provide equal access to programs, services, and activities for people with disabilities. Reasonable prior notice is needed to arrange for accommodations.

For detailed policies, download our Facilities Use Procedures.