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Union EDI Initiatives


The A. Ray Olpin Union, often known as “The Union,” tries to encompass an inclusive environment where students can feel safe and welcome, therefore inspiring aspirations in students to reach their full potential. We also acknowledge that, at times, we have failed in those objectives. We also understand that there will be marginalized individuals who may not feel represented in this plan and that no EDI plan will be able to adequately represent all people; however, as the A. Ray Olpin Union, we are committed to standing against racism and continuously working on ways to be more inclusive. We will be proactive in our approaches and not just implement policies reactively as we believe the A. Ray Olpin Union should always strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Found in the document below, you can find our Anti-Racism Plan. 


Union EDI Initatives

The Union values diversity and promotes a safe and welcoming atmosphere where all students are inspired to realize their potential. The Union is continually working on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives, and this web page is where we will share in-progress, future, and completed initiatives.


Adding EDI Initiatives to the Union Website

The Union will add and maintain a section of the Union website with content that supports EDI initiatives. This section will include what the department is working on as well as additional resources available to students across campus.

Art Committee 

The Union is developing an art committee that, among other responsibilities, will review current art in the building and select new art representing a diverse range of backgrounds and identities. What is displayed in different spaces can greatly affect one’s sense of belonging.

Adding Pronouns to Email Signatures

Pronouns are one of the ways we portray our identities. To be more inclusive, our staff will share our preferred pronouns in our email signatures.

Staff EDI Trainings

Union Staff will attend at least one training or educational session monthly with an emphasis on equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Staff will also watch and reflect on a University of Utah forum discussion entitled, A Call for Racial Healing.

EDI Advertising for Student Affairs

The Union will offer advertising resources to other Student Affairs departments in an effort to promote and expand EDI initiatives across the Student Affairs Division.

State of the Union

The Union will host an event named “The State of the Union,” in which departments that reside in the Union will be invited to share their EDI initiatives, hear feedback from students and work on developing new initiatives and updating the University community on current ones.

The State of the Union aims to increase transparency, communication, accountability, and rapport between departments and students.

The first, The State of the Union, is TBD in the Spring Semester of 2023.


Braille Business Cards

The Union has added braille to its business cards to be more inclusive for our visually impaired guests.