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    Virtual Reality: Coming to a Union near You!

    Next semester, Crimson Commons will be bringing the latest technology in video-gaming to our campus community. The area which is currently called the “X-Box Gaming Center” will be transformed into an area with two stations for virtual reality gaming. These will be available for the community to learn more and experience virtual reality gaming for themselves. Hoping to update the X-Box Gaming Center for a while now, the Union is excited to offer this experience to people who have not had the chance to take a dip into virtual reality.

    The equipment that will be available is two computers with a very advanced graphics card: the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080. The computers have many specifications that allow for keeping the unit cool while allowing for heavy, prolonged usage so more people will be able to enjoy the experience of virtual reality throughout the day. The virtual reality system that will be available is the HTC Vive. This system offers one of the best experiences regarding virtual reality because it allows the user to move around an allotted space, creating an overall more realistic experience than sitting.

    The games offered will vary so that a variety of students will be able to enjoy the experience of virtual reality. Many of the most popular games are arcade-style games like “The Lab.” The Union will provide an opportunity for users to give feedback through an assessment survey. In that survey, users will be able to request games they would like to play.

    The space is scheduled to be ready for use by the end of Spring 2018. Game on!

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