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    Haunted Homecoming – Oct. 19th, 9pm-2am

    Haunted Homecoming

    Student leadership groups, UPC (Union Programming Council) and ASUU (Associated Students of the University of Utah) are pleased to announce that they will be co-hosting, Haunted Homecoming, on October 19th, 2018. This is the first time in Union history where two prominent student organizations have collaborated on a large scale event. UPC hosts Crimson Nights two times a semester and ASUU hosts the homecoming dance annually.

    Coincidently, Crimson Nights and Homecoming were scheduled to be held on the same weekend, so in the spirit of collaboration, UPC and ASUU have decided to combine both events. This will hopefully spark excitement to attend and will be much more beneficial to each organization and more importantly the students.

    As I personally met with both of the student leaders in charge of both organizations, themes of unity, support and collaboration were shared on both sides.

    When I met with Natalie Battad the UPC Director of Crimson Nights, she stated, “I’m super excited to see this partnership with ASUU come through, we are expecting this Haunted Homecoming to be the biggest and best Halloween Crimson Nights UPC has ever done! We’re super stoked!”

    While meeting with Connor Morgan the Student Body President of ASUU, he said, “I think the programming arm of ASUU and UPC have similar missions in creating a positive student experience, and in this collaboration, they both are fulfilling their mission better than they would be separately. It shouldn’t ever be about ASUU or UPC separately, it should be about creating an awesome event for all students.”  

    I also asked both leaders individually if U of U students would see more collaborations from these two groups in the future and both leaders were extremely hopeful for those opportunities going forward.

    The event date is October 19th at 9pm to 2am.

    Written by Jordan Passey

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