A. Ray Olpin University Union

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2022 Strolling for Scholarships

Strolling for Scholarships is a pop-up art gallery hosted by the University of Utah Union to raise money for the Union Scholarship Fund through the sale of amazing art from local Utah artists.  The Union Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to University of Utah students every academic year. 

Guests will be able to view the art in person by booking an appointment to view the art. Appointments will be taken until Friday, April 8th. Book an appointment on the Book Appointment link below.

Guest Curator and Participating Artist: Ran Stewart
This year’s gallery is extra special as we have a guest curator and participating artist, Ran Stewart.

Ran Stewart is a fine art painter who works primarily from his studio in Salt Lake City Utah. His journey as an artist began at the age of nine when he took a small paint by numbers set his parents had gotten for him, painted over the pattern and made his own painting.

His work is an exploration of the movement of time and space within a two-dimensional space. The work takes on a moodiness and sense of movement due to the distinct brush work and limited pallet.

Reasons to Attend:

Event Details:
Strolling for Scholarships art gallery is open from March 25th-April 8th 8:00AM-5:00PM.
Panorama East, 4th floor of the A. Ray Olpin Union Building
Parking is available at the visitor lot east of the Student Union.

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