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    Student Spotlight: Marcelo Correa

    This month’s student highlight is on Marcelo Correa!

    Marcelo moved to Utah three years ago. He is studying Biomedical Engineering. Last year in July, Marcelo married his beautiful wife. For two of the years he has been living in Utah, he has worked at the Union. He works as a building manager. The building managers are responsible for a variety of things at the Union. They are some of the students that keep the building running every day. Marcelo has also worked in a research lab on campus, where he was able to co-author two scientific publications.

    In addition to working in the Union, Marcelo finds solace within here too. He said it is go-to spot on campus to focus, relax, or study. Marcelo is living at the University Student Apartments for the last few months and is loving it there. He appreciates that the atmosphere is friendly. He also likes the diversity, because it makes him feel at home.

    The Union has provided him with his first job in America. He is very happy to have such great peers that are willing to help with his daily difficulties. Working as a building manager gave him the opportunity to meet and interact with many people of prestige and learn from them. By being able to work, “behind the scenes” and help events run smoothly, he has realized the importance of small details and appreciates all of the work that the campus community puts into the events held for students.

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