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Associate Director Application

The application process for Associate Directors is now over.



The Union Programming Council is an on-campus events and resources organization that aims to better connect the University of Utah student body. Some of UPC’s most recognized events are Crimson Nights, Welcome Week, Oktoberfest, Family Springfest, and more! UPC also oversees the Feed U Food Pantry and the Freshman Ambassador Board, as well as publishes the Your Campus Life Guidebook. We are comprised of seven boards, each unique with its own duties and responsibilities. You can find a detailed description of each of the boards at the bottom of this page.


Joining UPC will not only allow you to gain valuable leadership experience for your resume and future aspirations but will also provide you with the opportunity to become more involved on-campus at the University of Utah. You get to support, plan, and execute amazing and fun events, while also meeting incredible people both in UPC and the student body. A common theme from current and past UPCers is that UPC is a tight-knit family-like organization. Positions within UPC are also compensated.


ARTS & SPECIAL EVENTS BOARD: The Arts and Special Events Board is dedicated to building community in the Union through all kinds of fun, interactive, artistic themed events. Their main goal is to plan and coordinate interactive events to include everyone on campus. Tasks and responsibilities include booking vendors, as well as planning and organizing a minimum of four events per semester.

COMMUNITY SERVICE BOARD: The Community Service Board works to connect the Union to the community and campus through various service events planned throughout the year. Tasks and responsibilities include contacting various organizations throughout Salt Lake City to coordinate and plan service events, connecting UPC with other on-campus service opportunities, and brainstorming new ways to provide service to the student body.

CRIMSON NIGHTS BOARD: The Crimson Nights Board oversees all of UPC’s late night events. They program two large-scale events and a minimum of four smaller events throughout the year providing entertainment, food, activities, and opportunities for social engagement. There are also many opportunities to collaborate with other campus organizations. Tasks and responsibilities include coordinating with vendors to provide activities for the event, overseeing volunteers, and creating themed decorations.

DEVELOPMENT BOARD: The main role of the Development Board is to raise funds for Union Scholarships. We raise money by putting together the Your Campus Life (YCL) Handbook and by holding multiple fundraisers throughout the year. Tasks include contacting business to be in the YCL, to host fundraisers, and to gather prize donations for UPC boards.

FEED U PANTRY BOARD: The Feed U Pantry acts as a free food resource for all University of Utah students, staff, and faculty. The main role is to recruit, train, and manage volunteers that staff the pantry each semester. Other important responsibilities include organizing food drives and educating others on the resources the Feed U Pantry provides.

FRESHMAN AMBASSADOR BOARD: The Freshman Ambassador Board was created in order to give incoming freshmen the opportunity to get involved and help build community at the Union and on campus. Tasks and responsibilities include working with freshmen in a mentoring role, as well as helping plan and coordinate events planned by the freshman board.

MARKETING BOARD: The Marketing Board is in charge of graphic design, distribution, advertising, and spreading the word around campus about every event as well as promoting the UPC brand name. Tasks and responsibilities range from designing posters and other marketing materials to taking pictures at events and posting pictures and reminders of event dates and locations on social media platforms.