A. Ray Olpin University Union

The University of Utah

A photo of red, plastic mugs with the UPC logo printed on them.

About UPC

UPC is a family of student directors who have been selected through an extensive board interviewing process, resume review, and presentation. Their mission is to plan, organize, and develop activities on campus with the help of dozens of associate directors and hundreds of volunteers. These student directors lead the following UPC boards:

As thousands of students commute to the University of Utah daily and over six thousand more live on campus, finding a place to call home is crucial to fulfilling students’ academic and experiential education.

The Union Programming CouncilĀ serves as the heart of the Union, inviting every student to come participate, serve, and learn while enhancing their educational experience. Through these shared experiences and lifelong connections, the heart of any real sense of campus community comes to life.

The Union Programming Council (UPC) and A. Ray Olpin Union provide a home away from home. Through the Union, all demographics on campus are provided a safe environment in which they have the opportunity to take the next step in paving a bright future: applying knowledge learned in the classroom in order to improve the community, campus, and oneself.

By participating in such programs and opportunities students advance their ability to lead, organize, self-manage, value differences, collaborate and become enlightened citizens who have gained experience and excel in the workforce.