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Services Desk Application (Waitlist)

  • Please read through the following details about Services Desk Responsiblities

    Job Duties: As the Customer Service and Information Specialist for both the Union and Carolyn and Kem Gardner Commons buildings, you will be providing guest services to students, staff, faculty, and guests. Duties include collection and distribution of accurate campus, city, and building information regarding events, directions, and ticket sales. Other tasks include the use of office equipment and upkeep of the desk. Completes other projects and duties as assigned. Attends mandatory monthly staff meetings and annual Union staff training programs.

    Candidate must demonstrate effective judgment, communication, multi-tasking, and troubleshooting skills to identify and solve problems while performing various office and cashiering tasks. As this individual is often the first contact for visitors both in person and on the telephone, he/she must be able to multitask efficiently, respond well in difficult or hazardous situations, while positively representing the University. Flexible schedules and paid training.

    Minimum Requirements: Commitment to excellent customer service, telephone etiquette/skills, basic organization, self-motivation, effective communication and listening skills. Must be able to interact with guests at various locations around the counter and do moderate lifting (10-25 lbs).

    Preferences: Previous cashiering and ticket sales experience, flexibility in schedule, work-study or current student at the University of Utah.

    Salary: $8.00

    FREE textbook rental each semester!
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Building Manager Application

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  • Please read through the following details about Building Manager Responsiblities

    Position Description

    Morning & Night Building Manager shifts are available. Building managers are the jack-of-all-trades for the Union & Gardner Commons building and handle many different situations. Every day there will be the usual procedure but also a variety of different problems to solve or tasks to undertake. Building managers need to have excellent time management, be efficient and productive workers, and have the ability to multitask.

    Managers have a great number of responsibilities and privileges; they are entrusted to be model employees and represent the A. Ray Olpin University Union and Gardner Commons buildings. If accepted for this position, you will also be responsible for caring out the tasks of the building manager. We normally work on our own during a typical shift but we work together as a team during some events including Crimson Nights and campus concerts.

    General Manager Responsibilities Include:
    • Security of the building and its employees, visitors, & students. Working with the security cameras and walking through the building to ensure all is going well.
    • Opening or closing the building (depending on shift)
    • Event management and setups including assisting the setup crew with putting up equipment or furniture for an event as well as cleaning up after events.
    • AV set up including but not limited to projectors, speakers, and microphones.
    • Customer service including answering questions, assisting events with AV help or concerns
    • Responsible for maintaining the building safety including carrying out emergency procedures during fire alarms, earthquakes, etc.

    Dress Code:
    • Khaki, black, or gray work slacks (no jeans or shorts permitted)
    • Look professional and clean
    • Union provided work shirts are required
    • Close toed and heeled shoes

    Training Description

    Training will require a newly hired manager to clock in during different shifts and work with as many different managers as possible. Night, morning, and weekend shifts are required for training. During training you will go over how to use the speakers, sound mixers, and equipment; learn how to properly set them up and put them away. Also, you will learn projectors and computer set up.

    Managers handle different tasks that cannot always be foreseen and therefore covered by the training. It is up to the manager on shift to problem solve and handle many different situations but the training will help prepare you.

    Hours of Work

    You will work a max of 20 hr. per week.

    Most shifts are either opening or closing shifts in the Union Gardner Commons buildings.

    For the Fall 2020 semester, the Union is open from 7 am - 9 pm, Monday - Saturday.

    Gardner Commons is open 8 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday.

    Position Amenities

    • Free rental books from the Campus Store via the Union for Fall & Spring Semesters
    • Pay starts at $9.50 with a raise after your 90 day work probation period
    • Get paid every 7th and 22nd of each month

    Position Requirements

    • This is a University of Utah student job; you are required to be a current enrolled University of Utah student.
    • Resume and filled out application required for interview
    • Able to lift speakers and equipment that weighs around 20-50 lbs
    • Must be an efficient and productive worker with an ability to react quickly under pressure
    • AV background not required but favorable especially in Sound and Speaker systems
    • Working cellphone that you can be contacted on