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    Carolyn’s Kitchen in the Gardner Commons Building

    The Carolyn and Kem Gardner Commons food court, or “Carolyn’s Kitchen,” contains a variety of options for dining in a central campus building. One restaurant is called Rooted in Good Taste, and all of its foods are 100% plant-based. This option has a daily special and a daily side that changes every day so the food does not become monotonous. There is also a combo deal, which will give you a nutritious meal for about $8.


    The next option is Urban Revolution, which specializes in fried chicken and other American style foods. This option also has a similarly priced daily combo.


    The third restaurant is a rotating pop-up restaurant. At the beginning of the semester, you might have noticed Saffron Canteen – a pop-up version of the Indian cuisine restaurant Saffron Valley. Recently, the pop-up hosted the Greek-food option, GR Kitchen. Currently, the Ramen noodle bar, Tonkotsu, has popped up. Saffron Valley is rumored to return next semester.


    If you find yourself frequenting any of the above options and you are often taking them to go, there is a great, sustainable container for you! For the price of $5 at checkout, you can purchase a reusable to-go container. After using the to-go container, bring it back to check out and they will wash that one for you and replace it with a new one that you can use that day. If you never return to Carolyn’s Kitchen, then you can keep the to-go container for other uses.

    Another option for a quick meal is the self-checkout convenience store called Carolyn’s Cupboard. There are refrigerators full of microwaveable meals, snacks, and other goodies. Upon selecting a goodie, bring the item to self-checkout stations nearby to pay for your food.

    Written by Marcos Garcia

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