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The University of Utah

A photo of advertisement banners hanging from the Union staircase.

Advertise in the Union

Advertise on our interactive projector!

Customize an interactive message to the University! We have over 30 different effects to choose from. Email us at info@union.utah.edu for more information.

Why advertise in the Union?

Being the community center of campus, the A. Ray Olpin Union Building received over 4.7 million visitors last year. On average, each person spent 30 minutes eating lunch and 45 minutes in the Union computer lab. The building hosted over 8,400 student and community events last year and attendance has reached as high as 7,000 at Crimson Nights.

Resource centers and offices for major student organizations, including the Associated Students of the University of Utah and the Union Programming Council, are located in the A. Ray Olpin Union Building and bring in thousands of students to the building.

How can I advertise?

Traditional advertising includes placing ads on our 13 TV screens, reserving banner and sandwich board locations, and reserving a table to speak to students. Information tables are free for students, vendor tables are $25/day, and solicitation tables are $125/day. In addition to traditional means, we are always open to creative advertising solutions that benefit you and the Union!

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